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Camp Keg OG V2 - 12/240V Portable Kegerator

Camp Keg OG V2 - 12/240V Portable Kegerator

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This 12v/240v Camp Keg Portable Kegerator will be the envy of your whole camp ground. Fill up with with your favourite cocktail or take your favourite home brew away with you. The Camp Keg V2 is a versatile camping keg system. The highly economical compressor means that you can run the fridge longer and enjoy more. Charge from your car when you are driving or use any 12v battery setup you have in your rig. Set your PSI and POUR. With Camp Keg your drink options are endless!
Also has room for 10 x 600ml water bottles (if you need to be hydrated for any reason...)

Comes with just about everything everything you need to get cracking straight away (CO2 cylinder not included, order here)

  • Camp Keg V2 Portable 12v/24v/240v Fridge with AC and DC connections
  • Mini 360 Core Actuator Regulator 
  • All Tubing and Connectors
  • Your choice of PET plastic or Stainless Steel keg
  • Tap with spring return function for extra safety when travelling.

The Camp Keg V2 40ltr Portable Kegerator is perfect for use on the road or indoors, the fridge easily plugs into any 12V, 24V or 240V power point for the powerful compressor to kick in its cooling prowess. A simple LCD display with even simpler operational setting allows you to start the refrigeration process easily: just turn on the power, set the temperature, and the built-in microcomputer will do the rest. The 55W compressor is very energy-efficient, about 1.32kWh for every 24 hours of use. When running on DC power, the battery has a 3-stage battery charging protection that cuts off charging once the voltage setting is attained to ensure longer-lasting battery life. The fridge has plenty of space, and you can change the compartment size depending on your needs with the removable insulation board. The heavy-duty exterior is designed to handle all the knocks and bumps of a road trip and comes with a USB port, safety locks, cup holder and a lifting handle for convenience. 

Features of the Camp Keg Portable Kegerator:

  • Can be connected to 12V, 24V or 240V
  • Strong and durable compressor
  • Removable insulation board
  • Easy to operate LCD control panel
  • Overload protection
  • Auto low battery protection
  • Power memory function
  • Heavy-duty handles and connections
  • Low noise level
  • 240v plug and adaptor
  • 12v ciga socket plug (upgrade to an Anderson Plug here)
  • USB socket for charging mobile, extra lighting etc.

Specifications for 12v Kegeratorr:

  • Capacity: 40L
  • Temperature setting range: -20 to 10℃
  • Rated power: 55W
  • Consumption of energy: 0.055kWh/hour
  • Noise Level:<=45db
  • Refrigerant: R134a /35±0.5g
  • Classification of climate: T, ST, N, SN
  • AC Voltage: AC 100 -120V / 220 - 240V / 50-60Hz
  • DC Voltage: DC 12V / 24V ;Rated Power: 55W(±20%)
  • Overall dimension: 65cm x 37cm x 53cm

The Camp Keg Kegerator comes with 1 year warranty

Note: Tap may be removed and placed in fridge for shipping purposes if required.


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