Camp Keg

Experience the essence of Australia with Camp Keg, where every pour tells a story of adventure and craftsmanship. Proudly Aussie-owned, our products redefine off-grid pouring.

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Our Mission

We were sick of transporting and drinking costly cans and being left with bags full of leaking, crushed rubbish at the end of our weekend camping trip. That got us thinking, what if we could do it like they do it at the pubs? Pouring icy, cold pint after pint, wash the glasses and have no mess after. That's when we started designing. Many beers in the shed later, and the Camp Keg 'OG' was born. 

We made one for a mate, who then showed his mate and he wanted one. After making five we got to thinking "is it just us or is this a great idea?" Fast forward six months and here we are!

Sink a pint, send us a photo of you enjoying our product and we will feature you on our page!

Real-life Experience

Our product is based on real life experience. We have gone out and sunk one to many pints off grid. We have tried and tested and we have loved every second of it.

Creative Solutions

We strive to promptly provide creative and effective solutions to solve any kind of your pint pouring dreams or nightmares!

Strong Contacts

We have been learning about this stuff for quite some time and have gained the knowledge and contacts to answer your questions.

Supporting Small Businesses

Camp Keg is a family run, Aussie business growing on the side of our busy fulltime work and family schedule.

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