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SquareKeg - SK Vino

SquareKeg - SK Vino

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Have you ever dreamed of keeping a bottle of wine fresh past the initial corking? WITH SQUAREKEG SK VINO YOU CAN!
Our proprietary designs utilise industry standard argon gas to preserve your fine wines for days, even after they are opened.

✓ Fill SK Vino with Your Favourited Wine (Up to 5 bottles)
✓ Install SK Vino Tap System
✓ Purge to remove oxygen
✓ Pressurize to 5-7 psi
✓ Pour a glass

Pairing our proprietary stainless steel keg designs with Argon gas is the perfect recipe to have your wine on tap and keep it free of oxidation for days.

SK Vino has the most compact footprint in the industry, enabling you to keep your wine chilled in the fridge or fresh on the counter for days

SK Vino Mini Keg holds 3.78 ltrs of your favourited wine in a remarkably small space. That's 5 bottles of wine!

Comes with:

  • 3.78 ltr keg
  • Screw on regulator
  • Faucet/Tap
  • Party Tap with line
  • 6 x Argon bulbs
  • Dimensions (mm) - 280L x 125W x 125H
  • Height inc Tap (mm) - 250H


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