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Muller Energy 200Ah Lithium LiFePO4 PDU

Muller Energy 200Ah Lithium LiFePO4 PDU

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Perfect for your 4WD, caravan, camper van or boat!
This 12V 200Ah lithium LiFePO4 portable distribution unit has been made with the ease of connectivity in mind. Whether your device uses USB A, USB C, Ciga socket, 50A or 175A Anderson connector or ring terminals, this battery has got you covered. Further, the USB C has PD up to 45W and 20V, meaning that you can charge laptops and iPads with this charger.
It also features a stainless steel case and a 5A active cell balancer to ensure this battery will continue to do its job for many years to come.
The 250A Daly BMS with Bluetooth makes it very easy to check and set the parameters of your battery to ensure it’s perfectly customised to your needs.

There’s even a BMS discharge disable switch to make sure there’s no sparking when connecting loads.

Backed by our Australian 5-year warranty


  • 12V 200Ah
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Removable brackets that can be used on the back and front or on the sides
  • CATL cells
  • 250A Daly Smart BMS with Bluetooth
  • 2x Ciga sockets
  • 1x Merit socket
  • 1x 45W USB C charger that can charge laptops (PD to 20V)
  • 1x 18W USB A
  • 1x 175A Anderson connector
  • 2x 50A Anderson connectors
  • 5A active balancer
  • BMS discharge disable switch
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