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Kegerator Line Cleaner and Sanitiser Hand Pump Kit

Kegerator Line Cleaner and Sanitiser Hand Pump Kit

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The Kegerator Line Cleaning Kit comes delivered with everything you need to help clean any hop oils, dried beer, or sticky sugars from premix kegs in your liquid hose lines.

What you will need to do is disconnect your liquid line from the duotight connector. Attach it to the Black/Yellow Ball Lock Disconnect and follow the directions on the back of the StellarClean (Cleaner Powder) then rinse with warm water and follow the StellarSan directions (Sanitising Liquid)

A great video on the Hand Pump Ball Lock Line Cleaning Kit is here

We would recommend cleaning your lines before you hook up your next keg. That way you ensure the freshness and cleanliness of your lines and not waste heaps of money on a keg that will taste bad or off from stinky lines.

This kit includes:
1 x Hand Pump Ball Lock Line Cleaning Kit (Just use any carbonated soft drink/soda water bottle)
1 x 1kg Tub StellarClean Brewery and Line Cleaner Powder
1 x 500mL Bottle StellarSan Sanitizer
1 x duotight 8mm (5/16) x Ball Lock Disconnect - (Black + Yellow Liquid)

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