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Camp Keg

Camp Keg Drip Tray - 30cm x 17xcm x 1.5cm

Camp Keg Drip Tray - 30cm x 17xcm x 1.5cm

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Looking for a way to prevent a wet campground, whilst still being able to serve your pints? Then this stainless steel drip tray will be perfect for you.

The stainless steel creates a stylish and sophisticated look so that it can fit into any environment without looking out of place. It is dishwasher safe.

And the rust resistance reduces the need for replacements by keeping the drip tray damage-free from rust or other corrosion due to the constant use.

The holes provides somewhere for the beer to settle avoiding spills and preventing condensation  - helping to keep the spilled beer in one area rather than spilling onto the floor.

- Made with high quality stainless steel
- Excellent craftsmanship
- Removable grill
- 300mm x 170mm x 15mm Deep

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