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Camp Keg

Camp Keg Kegerator Bar Fridge Kit

Camp Keg Kegerator Bar Fridge Kit

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Don't fancy yourself as a camper? With the Camp Keg Kegerator Kit, you can enjoy the convenience of having fresh, perfectly chilled draft beer in the comfort of your own home.

Don't let your old bar fridge go to waste. Unlock its true potential with the Camp Keg Kegerator Bar Fridge Kit and experience the joy of having your favourite brews on tap, whenever you please. Get ready to embrace the spirit of Camp Keg and enjoy the ultimate beer-drinking experience without leaving the comfort of your home!

 What's included

  • Your choice of 20ltr PET Keg or 19L Stainless Steel Corny Keg
  • Single Tap Brushed Stainless Font Kit with shank 
  • Nukatap Tap
  • Mini 360 Core Actuator Regulator that can be used with CO2 bulbs and cylinders
  • All connectors
  • 3 metres of Gas and Beer line

What you'll need

  • Fridge ( Speak to us about finding the right fit )
  • Your drink of choice
  • CO2 cylinder (order here)



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