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Camp Keg

Camp Keg 10 ltr PET Plastic Keg

Camp Keg 10 ltr PET Plastic Keg

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The Camp Keg 10 ltr PET Plastic Keg is perfect if you want to have a few kegs up your sleeve when you are out and about.

The convenient size and built-in handles makes them easy to transport. 

Australian Made and tested, our kegs are the packaging solution that puts safety, reliability and affordability back into the keg market. 

The patented manufacturing process produces a 10 litre vessel with integrated handles for easy transport.

The unique material of our kegs will keep beverages light & safe while the keg's active oxygen scavenger keeps beverages fresh for up to 18 months.


  • Lighter to transport
  • Stackable
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to recycle


  • 24cm wide
  • 38cm tall to top of posts


What's in the box:

1x Camp Keg 10 ltr PET Plastic Keg

2x Stainless Steel Ball Lock Posts

1x lid assembly (lid + oring + neck ring)

1x Red PRV (rated 35psi)

1x Floating dip tube (60cm silicone hose + 1x float)*

 *The silicone hose of the floating diptube needs to be cut to length based on your requirements. We recommend a length of 300mm.

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