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Camp Keg

Camp Keg 20 ltr PET Keg

Camp Keg 20 ltr PET Keg

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The Camp Keg 20 ltr PET Plastic Keg is perfect if you want to have a few kegs up your sleeve when you are out and about.
The convenient size and built-in handles makes them easy to transport. 
Australian Made and tested, our kegs are the packaging solution that puts safety, reliability and affordability back into the keg market. 

The unique material of our kegs will keep beverages light and safe while the keg's active oxygen scavenger keeps beverages fresh for up to 18 months.

  • Lighter to transport
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to recycle
Not only will it protect your beer from damaging light (amber tinting) it will also keep your beverages fresher for up to 3 times as long due to the Mono Barrier PET Polymer Matrix.
It also comes with a floating dip tube with cage filter. Is easy to undo and stack on top of each-other upside down with disconnects attached.
The 20L PET Kegs come with a Green Pressure Relief valve rated to 65psi.

640mm High
235mm Diameter

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