About Us

Welcome to Camp Keg, your go-to destination for the ultimate portable camping keg systems. We're here to redefine your outdoor drinking experience, allowing you to enjoy refreshing cocktails or ice-cold beer even when you're off grid.

At Camp Keg, we believe that camping and outdoor adventures should never compromise your ability to savour your favourite beverages. Our innovative keg systems are designed to bring the convenience and joy of a fully functional bar to your campsite. They ensure that you can pour your favourite drinks with ease.

What sets Camp Keg apart is our dedication to quality and performance. We have meticulously crafted our keg systems to withstand the rugged demands of outdoor activities. 

Versatility is at the core of our Camp Keg systems. They can accommodate both cocktails and beer, or any carbonated drink of your choice; giving you the freedom to choose your preferred drink. Want to indulge in a mojito or margarita while watching the sunset? Camp Keg has you covered. Craving a crisp, frothy pint of your favourite brew around the campfire? Our keg systems deliver, keeping your beer chilled and ready to pour.

To enhance your camping experience further, we offer a range of compatible accessories. From space saving fold out tables to keep your keg off the ground during your adventures, to pint glasses that add a personal touch, our accessories complement the Camp Keg systems perfectly.

At Camp Keg, we are more than just a product; we are a community of outdoor enthusiasts who believe in the joy of shared experiences. We invite you to join our growing family and discover the freedom and convenience of our portable keg systems. With Camp Keg, every camping trip becomes a celebration, and every pour is a toast to the great outdoors.

Start your adventure today and elevate your camping experience with Camp Keg - where convenience, quality, and taste come together in the perfect pour.