OG Assembly Instructions

Hi guys, firstly I’d like to say thank you so much for the support everyone showed on the launch of our store. While we have been busy packing orders to get out to you we have knocked up some instructions to put the final pieces of your OG Camp Keg together!

First you want to put together your tap!

  1. Screw on black handle
  2. Put auto close spring into tap with the small side facing outwards.
  3. Place your shuttle in with the rounded semi circle facing outwards.
  4. Use the supplied tap spanner to tighten it all the way while holding onto the back of the shank

Next is the keg and regulator assembly

  1. You will have a few spare parts from this, you will need to attach the gas (grey) quick connect onto the grooved tab on the keg.
  2. Screw on compatible co2 canister. We recommend Kegland or Soda Stream with a screw top.
  3. Your beer lines should be attached already.
After this is done, you will just need to take your quick connects off to fill your keg up with beer/cider/cocktails and then set your PSI and you will be good to go!
Feel free to reach out if you have any dramas as the initial set up can be a bit tricky.
Cheers from everyone at Camp Keg
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